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Hello, welcome to melissaperkins.co.

My name is Melissa (technically it’s my middle name) and I’m a twenty something who loves traveling, makeup and minimalism.

I started this blog as a way to talk about make up , developing my personal style, and being happy. While I enjoyed blogging about those things, I sometimes felt that I was just copying what everyone else was doing and that I didn’t really bring anything special to the table with my writing. I depended on photos to carry my posts when I have always loved writing, and picture heavy blogs usually don’t include much text. I eventually decided to change up what MelissaPerkins.co was about and looked to my life for inspiration on what I should post.

While I do love makeup and fashion, I’m not the best at it and I doubt anyone wants to see me talk about my shotty makeup application. On the other hand, I do love to travel, take nice photos and constantly talk about my experiences abroad and locally. I also love to make my daily life simple! There’s already way too much that needs to be done everyday, so why not simplify the things you can? That’s what I want MelissaPerkins.co to be about. I’m here to share my journeys, rather that be with minimalism or travel. I’ll still have  the occasional makeup review or skin care chat, so don’t worry if you were a fan of those. But I think I’ve finally found my spot as a minimalist lifestyle and travel blogger. 🙂

Be sure to leave a comment and say hi if you’re a long time reader or if you’re new to the blog. I’d love to chat!


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I am open to reviewing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products on my blog, especially those that include or are geared toward women of color or small businesses.

If you would like to contact me for the review of a product on melissaperkins.co, collab for future projects or to discuss pricing for prints from my portfolio I can be contacted at:

melissaperkins.co (at) gmail.com

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