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Hey! I’ve missed you all! I saw from my analytics that this past summer was a good time for the blog, even if I wasn’t around. I was pumping out some great content multiple times a week and then…poof! I was gone. Well I promise you I have a legit excuse as to why I vanished from the blogosphere. View Post

fear of flyingWith everything going on in the world, especially in Europe, it can difficult for many people to truly enjoy their summer travels because of fear of flying and other threats.  Many people are even calling off their European vacations and deciding to go elsewhere or  just staying home altogether. The constant news coverage and warnings have even made me a little anxious. View Post


Hey guys! I’ve made it back home to Texas after spending an awesome two weeks hopping around western Europe. I’ve been planning this Eurotrip for the past few months, so if you haven’t been following you can get up to date by reading this, this and this. This post will be more of a photo diary, but I will have more of a heart to heart, word-y post about all of the recent world events and travel warnings, coming up soon. Hope you enjoy! View Post

packing light

I really can’t believe that we leave for Europe today, the date arrived so quickly! By the time this is posted hubby and I will already be on the rode to the airport.

I really wanted to get this post out before the start of the travel season and remind people of the benefits of packing light and how to do it. I always see people in the airport overpacked and most of the time it’s really unnecessary. Unless you’re moving your family across the ocean, do you really need 2 checked  bags for yourself?  I’m here to tell you how I managed to pack for Europe, for 2 weeks in just my carry on. View Post