Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay I stumbled upon this product while looking for something to help with the blackheads that have managed to pop up across my cheeks and nose like weeds, since I’ve started wearing foundation and concealer. At first I thought maybe they were freckles, but no. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is basically a mud mask that claims to deep cleanse your pores while being all natural. At a cost of under $10 I figured why not. The actual clay comes in a powder and you add equal parts water or apple cider vinegar *with the mother* to create the mud.

I would recommend mixing the product in a plastic ziplock baggy because you really shouldn’t rinse this down your sink, as it’s super thick and basically mud and you could risk stopping up the drains.

First Impressions of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay :

At first I mixed the clay powder with water, but it was hard to mix well, so I made a second batch with some apple cider vinegar and it started bubbling up, like those childhood vinegar and baking soda experiments. After I mixed it together the consistency was nice and creamy. I generously applied it to my face with a cheap flat foundation brush and left it on for about 30 minutes until it was completely dry. The instructions say 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin and 20-25 for normal.

When this mask dries, it dries. It actually kind of hurt to smile because it started to pull on my skin, so I tried my hardest to keep a nuetral face, which was difficult while taking photos of myself with a green mask on. Excuse the brows, they’ve grown out already *sigh*. 

Aztec Secret Healing ClayBecause I didn’t want to rinse all this mud down my bathroom sink, I wiped it off with makeup removal wipes. It became a process very quick because it was so hard to remove. I kept thinking I would need a nail and hammer to get the rock it turned to off, but with determination, a lot of wipes and some extra water, I managed to get it off with out losing my face. The container warns you that you may experience some redness after removing the mask, and they were not lying. My skin is pretty dark, and I don’t blush red, but after removing the mask my face had slight red undertones, that I’m sure was from the constant rubbing and exfoliation effect of removing the mask. I wish I could have gotten a photo, but it was hard to pick it up on camera. 


The mask didn’t remove my black heads, but they did bring them closer to the surface of my skin, ensuring that they actually were black heads. If I had an extractor I would be able to get them out easily. While the product claims that you will feel your face pulsate I didn’t notice it, unless you count the tightness of the product on your face after it’s dried.

As a couple days passed, I noticed that my face didn’t dry out as quickly and that it really absorbed my cold creams and facial oils better, letting them provide all day moisture.

I will continue using the mask, however, only on the problem areas. It was too hard to get off my entire face.

If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, you definitely want to make sure you remove the mask before it completely dries.

Have you ever used the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?  What’s your favorite kind of face mask?

~Melissa P.