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bubble skirt

I’ve literally had my eye on this bubble skirt since the beginning of the summer season, but I REFUSED to pay $70 for it. So I watched the site and waited for the price to reduce (about 3 times) before it became a price I was comfortable paying.

This was my first time actually waiting for something to go on sale before purchasing, because I’m usually  an impulse shopper. I admit I tend to overspend when it comes to my electronics and kitchen toys so I can be a bit cheap when it comes to clothes, because in my mind, that’s money that can go towards electronics… or makeup! But hubby and I have been so inspired by the 1st generation African American’s awesome style and tailored looks, that we are trying to upgrade our style as well.


Banded Bubble Skirt

This is a very hearty skirt! It’s super elastic and I’m wearing the medium size. It’s quite heavy so even though I waited until the end of the season to purchase, it will still be okay to wear with tights in the fall and winter.

I also picked up these BCBG pumps from Nordstrom Rack, during their holiday sale earlier this month. I wasn’t a heel girl before I found these, but these are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn. Seriously! I guess that’s a sign that cheapo’ heels aren’t the best for your feet. Especially once you’re several years removed from the college clubbing scene.

DSC04368 DSC04378 DSC04380DSC04383


Skirt: Express -High Waist Elastic Full Skirt (m) | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Sale (similar)

~Melissa P.

  • Mildred Hardison

    The classic Jackie O shoes. I like both.

  • Thanks! 🙂