Beshe Drew: Big Natural Hair

Beshe Drew

I really should have blogged the history of my hair. Over the past 3 years my hair has been long and relaxed, broken off, big chopped, in a fro, texlaxed, relaxed, in a pixie cut and big chopped again. I never intended to go back to natural hair after relaxing, but a chain of events resulted in another big chop.

I’ve even dabbled around in sew in weaves, but that was the most uncomfortable experience. While it is super convenient  for styling and vacations, I hated not being able to wash and deep condition my hair as throughly as I wanted. Also my stylist braided my hair so tight I was certain I was going to be bald when I took it out.

My current hair plan is to baby my hair in its natural state until it’s at a decent length and then have a professional relax it. In the mean time, I’ve really been getting into wigs. I’ve made a long straight wig using virgin Brazilian hair, but sometimes that can be difficult to style when I’m not in the mood. Big hair seems easier to style when time is of the essence. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews on the Beshe Drew so I ordered her from my favorite online beauty supply store. She has several different textures throughout so it really mimics natural hair.

Beshe Drew

This is Drew straight out of the bag with a bit of finger combing. 

DSC02259DSC02243beshe drewWhat do you think?

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  • Mildred

    I like her very much! I might have to get one in 1b/30-33.

    • I’m sure they have one in a similar color to that. The more you finger comb it the bigger it gets.