Best Sports Bra for Big Boobs!

sports bra for big boobs
Finally! I’ve been looking for a sports bra that would actually contain my large chest for a few years now. Everytime I worked out, I would just wear a regular bra paired with a cheapie ‘3 for $20’ walmart sports bra in a size too small. I didnt see the point in investing in an expensive bra that didnt hold up to my expectations. While my make shift combination kept everything in place, it was very tight, almost to the point where it was hard to breath.

A few weeks ago while at the mall, hubby and I stumbled into a ski shop and I looked over in the sports wear section. I was surprised to see some sports bras that measured in actual cup sizes and not just S/M/L or A/B/C cups. Because of the price, I took some time to think if I really wanted to make the purchase, but I ended up buying it.

Moving Comfort carries several types of sports bras, but the best fit for me was the Maia. It’s basically 2 bras in one, with a back clasp (no more trying to pull a bra over my head and over my chest and trying to peel out of it post work out) and an underwire for that extra support DD’s and above usually need.

moving comfort maia

Best Sports Bra for Big Boobs

I really love how this bra keeps everything in place without cutting into my body. The straps are also very comfortable. The Maia is a bit more expensive than I would have liked at $56 a pop. I can’t be the only big bosom chick tired of paying over $50 for bras. Sigh. Even considering the price, this has to be the best sports bra for big boobs.

I’m hoping having better sports bras will make preparing for workouts easier, thus resulting in me working out more frequently. I really would like to lose around 30lbs and get back to my lowest weight before our trip in March. I need to get super focused, so if you have any weight loss tips please share! Specifically related to changing eating habits.

Til’ next time,