Big Hair and Mustard Shirts


Since Houston has officially ditched the cool morning and evenings, I’ve really been enjoying the steamy summer days at various parks around the city.

I’ve been trying to visit this particular park for two or three years now, but something always came up that prevented us from seeing the Water Wall. Even though we finally made it, it was a bit crowded for me and I didn’t get a chance to stand inside because hordes of people were standing around taking group photo after group photo. So I stuck to the outer parts of the water wall and enjoyed the beautiful grassy areas where no one seemed to care about.

I also tried out a new texture of hair, and I’m really in love with it. In case you’re curious it is a coarse yaki and is meant to mimic stretched/blowdried afro hair. This hair is long and thick so it is a bit much in this Texas summer heat, but it’s manageable and you can always put it up in a pony tail to get it off your shoulders. 

Now on to what I am wearing. I’ve had this mustard colored tank in my closet for months, and while I considered donating it with the other clothes I recently gave away, it was just too nice to let go. The fabric is super soft and breezy but feels well-made and of quality. My hubby always talks about people who tuck their casual shirts into their jeans, but I absolutely love this look on women and finally gave it a try. I think it would look even better with higher waisted pants. Shirt tucking is here to stay for a while. 

Tank– Banana Republic | Jeans– F21 | Shoes– Wet Seal | Lips– Ruby Woo

DSC04003 DSC03981DSC03996 DSC04040