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Since moving back to Houston, hubby and I have been trying to explore the city out side of our neighborhood. While we supposedly live in an area that is second only to the downtown area I feel like there is never anything to do but go to restaurants.

He made the suggestion that we check out the museum district and spend some time at the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC). While I wasn’t to happy with the idea of spending my Saturday afternoon getting a history lesson, I knew he would enjoy it.

To both of our surprise, when we arrived they told us they were closed until 6pm when they would be hosting the Bombay Sapphire Series. They also mentioned free food and libations, so while we never heard of the series, it’s hard to turn down all that “free”. I did some quick research on my phone to learn what the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series was about, and luckily for me it was an art gallery contest featuring local artist.

I’m a big fan of anything that shows creative effort, so I couldn’t wait to see an art gallery of some of the up-and- coming artist in my city.

When we finally made our way back to the museum, the atmosphere was very charming and the food by Chef Dee Dee was amazing! I may have to dedicate a post to her Red Velvet waffles alone. I took a few photos of my favorite pieces to show here. The contest is nationwide so you should definitely check to see if any of your local artist are involved. You can vote daily on the current list of semifinialist until November 9th here.

art galleryChopped MyoldTown PreyToTheGods RedCrush

Listed from top to bottom: Charisma, Chopped Part 1., My Old Town, Prey to the Gods, Red Crush

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  • Red velvet waffles? Yum! Our art museum does free music on Friday nights, and it’s such a charming way to spend the evening. The musicians are from all over the world, so you hear music you might otherwise never hear. (There are no free snacks, though!)

    • Museums seem to do a lot more than I remember, I may have to make my way to the district more often. Those waffles left me speechless, she mentioned she was coming out with a ready mix to sell in stores so I’m keeping my eyes open for it.