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DSC03543Over the years I’ve become a very picky eater. I’m very particular about the foods I eat and the way they are prepared, especially when it comes to meat, I’ve even cut pork out of my diet after hearing the horror stories of how View Post

holiday hot cocoa,

Holiday Season

For some reason I thought I really liked hot chocolate. I went out to the store and purchased a box of hot cocoa and some mini marshmallows (which I was hesitant about, after learning they contain fish gelatin). Once I got home and mixed all my ingredients, my mouth was ready for the amazing seasonal treat. But after a few sips, I realized I’d rather stick with my tea.

Every time the holidays roll around I get tricked into believing that I really liked something and I should rush out and get it, because I haven’t had it all year. Not realizing, I haven’t had it all year because it’s not something I actually like. A few years ago it was egg nog, that I just couldn’t wait to get a sip of *gag*.

Which hot drink do you prefer for the cooler seasons, hot cocoa or tea?


*Update* It may have been the brand that threw me off of Hot Cocoa. I recently tried a mocha flavored coffee and fell in love.

I’ve really been trying hard to take charge of my health this past week. I’ve pretty much cut out my junk food/fried food consumption and adding in as much produce as I can. I try to keep my breakfast as easy peasy as I can and either have eggs and toast or a fruit berry smoothie. I’ve always been a fan of a peach, mango and orange smoothie, but this new recipe has really been amazing. Hubby picked up this Genesis Today super fruit juice a few weeks ago and this is our third bottle. I wasn’t much of a fan of the taste until I mixed it into this amazing smoothie.  View Post