Acrylic Makeup Storage |Cheap Finds

cheap Acrylic Makeup StorageDo you remember when everyone was trying to get their hands on the clear acrylic makeup storage containers. You couldn’t click on a Youtube beauty guru’s channel with out seeing stacks of them perfectly positioned in their shot. I too saw the usefulness in having a few of these containers. They were pretty and kept your makeup organized and easy to find. I checked online to see how much they cost, because no one seems to mention prices on Youtube anymore, and I was shocked. $50+ for a couple of small plastic boxes and over $100 for a set? You’ve got to be kidding me. In case it wasn’t clear, I left the idea of having clear storage boxes far, far from my mind.

Fast forward, about 9 months. While getting settled into our new place in Houston, I was doing some online browsing at Bed Bath and Beyond and came across this beauty for only $19.99! What?! BH Cosmetics sells a pretty much identical one for double that price. I didn’t even waste time ordering online and waiting for shipping, I hopped in the car and drove my way to the nearest store after checking for availability.

I’m very happy with my acrylic makeup storage purchase, and still surprised I found something like this at a home goods store. I use it to keep my all my favorite and most used cosmetics on display for easy grabs. 

The rest of my makeup is still in disarray, but this is a pretty nice first step. How do you keep your makeup organized?
cheap acrylics makeup storage~Melissa P.