Clinique 3-Step |Product Review for Dry Skin

clinique 3-step

Welcome 2016! What better way to bring into the new year than with a post featuring my favorite Skin Care products: The Clinique 3-Step! 

Last year wasn’t the best when it came to my skin. I started having regular break outs around my chin and forehead and the skin around my nose was constantly dry. I kept buying different drug store skin care products and while a few were okay temporarily, I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t frustrating to use or that really cleaned my face throughly.

I avoided costly skin care products, because I thought they were all the same and I would be able to find quality for a smaller price, but nothing really did the job.

Clinique 3-Step

Once the New Year hit, I hit the malls looking for the last bit of holiday deals and my old faithful Clinique 3-Step. I used this system when I was in high school and I never had any skin issues throughout my teens or early 20s. It’s a bit on the pricer side in my opinion, but it’s worth the cost.

It’s been about a week now since Ive been using the 3-step about twice daily and my skin is already starting to clear up. Those tiny pesky bumps are going away and (thanks to a bit of cocoa butter) my skin tone is also evening out. I have combination skin with an oily forehead and dry everything else, so I use the mild facial soap, the #2 clarifying lotion, and the dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I tried the gel before, but I can only get away with that in the hottest of summer months.

I’m excited to continue using the 3-Step and see my skin improve over the next few months. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on how this works with my skin long term.


~Melissa P.