Desk Makeover for 2015

desk makeover

With the New Year quickly approaching, I really wanted to do a desk makeover to motivate me get things done in the new year. My first thought was to get an entire new desk in all white to brighten things up, but hubby didn’t really agree to that. I had to keep him in mind since we share a computer space and he prefers the darker furniture. With that in mind, I got on Pinterest and started looking for some inspiration.

Unfortunately, it seemed like the majority of desk ideas on there included that bright white desk I wanted with bright pinks and all things frilly. So starting back at square one, I played around with some ideas and moved some things around and found inspiration from my 2015 planner and a random gold mirror that was on the desk.

I did quite a few DIY’s for this project, such as the gold trimmed pin board, wine bottle flower vase and the mouse pad. The few new things I did purchase were either from Ikea or Target. My favorite new additions to the desk are the faux garden ( when I saw that lamp at ikea I knew I had to have it) and the white roses in the diy wine vase.

Before Desk Makeover :


After Desk Makeover :DSC03419 DSC03424DSC03422BoardDSC03427~Melissa P.