DIY| BB Cream

DIY BB Cream

BB Creams! They’re all the rage in Asia and in recent years have been becoming more and more popular over here in the states. Unfortunately, brands have been slow to cater to us with darker complexions, so I figured why not make my own!

A BB Cream, in case you didn’t know, is a beauty balm. These creams are supposed to be an all in one product to even out skin tone and hide imperfections, moisturize, provide SPF protection and even prime your face for other products if you want more coverage.

I will be on a plane to South East Asia in 2 weeks, so I was looking for an all in one product to even out my skin tone, keep it moisturized and protect it from the blazing sun. I didn’t want to wear a heavy foundation, concealer and sun block so I figured this would be a great option! 

DIY BB Cream Products needed:

Empty Container w/ lid~ I used an old eyeshadow container because I wanted something travel size

Foundation~ I used a foundation a couple shades darker because I know my skin tans quickly

Good quality face moisturizer with SPF~ My mother recommended this Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with a SPF 50

Face Oil/Serum~ I use Algenist Anti-Aging Repairing Oil (LOVE THIS STUFF) it’s good for preventing lines and keeping skin supple especially if you get dry spots.

Primer~ I didn’t include this in my BB cream, but if you would like, add a bit of your favorite primer to the mixture

As far as measurements, I used an approximate ratio of 2 parts moisturizer to 1 parts foundation. Then you can add several drops of your serum and primer.

DIY BB Cream for dark skin

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.12.31 PM

What’s your go to summer face product(s)? Leave you comments down below.

~Melissa P

  • neutrallystreet

    how’d you like the DIY bb cream?, I’ve never tried bb creams because it’s hard to find one’s that are oily and acne prone skin friendly 🙁

    • I love the cream I created! That’s what’s so great about making your own, you can use products that you already trust and have experience with. I don’t have acne prone skin, but my skin is dry and I get bouts of eczema every now and then, so I used ingredients that work well for my skin problems. As long as you have a trusted foundation and moisturizer that works well with your skin you should be in good shape towards making your own. 🙂