DIY Hat Rack | Minimalist

diy hat rack

With moving into our new place I had to do at least one honorary DIY project to really make the place feel like home. And what better than a diy hat rack that organizes your hats and doubles as a cool conversation piece.

I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a perfect space saving way to store and show off my hat collection. In our new place we have the extra space for an office and we’re going for a minimalist, nature inspired vibe and this rack really adds to the overall feel of the room.

DIY Hat Rack Materials

1/2″ copper pipe


clothes pins

nails or 3m Command hooks (for those who don’t want to spackle walls later on)


DIY Hat Rack Instructions

  1. Cut a length of copper pipe how ever long you desire your rack to be, using pipe cutters. You can see if they’ll cut it for you at the hardware store.
  2. If necessary de-tarnish your copper pipe using the method mentioned below.
  3. Cut several pieces of twine in different lengths to tie onto the copper pipe.
  4. Thread a long piece of twine through the pipe and tie a loop on each end to hand it on the wall.
  5. I used command hooks to hang my rack, but if you can use nails I’d recommend that.
  6. Finally, just hand your diy hat rack onto the wall and use clothes pins to hang your hats onto the twine.

I purchased everything I needed from my local HomeDepot. The copper pipe was slightly tarnished and gritty looking, but a lemon wedge dipped in salt rubbed on the pipe shined it right up! Just make sure you rinse all of the lemon and salt off and dry it completely afterwards. 

**Update** I had a lot of issues with the clear Command Hooks shown, falling off the wall. I replaced the clear hooks with the large white Command Hooks and they haven’t given me any problems with falling.

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~Melissa P.