My Dry Skin Fix in a Pinch

dry skin fix

Dry Skin Fix

I’ve had dry skin as long as I can remember, but as I’ve gotten older my face has also started to be affected. It probably always was just as dry, but before I was in charge of the products I used, my mom just put vaseline on my face in the mornings and said I was shining like a new penny. When I look back it seems like that may have been a bad idea, but I never suffered from ache and now I look about 5 years younger than I actually am. So thanks mom, if you’re reading.

Anyways, earlier this year at the doctor I was told I had eczema and the doctor recommended a couple skin protectants that I could pick up from my local drug store. I went with Aquaphor.

While this stuff is really greasy, it’s not as hard to rub in as vaseline and really does get into my dry patches and keeps them from looking bad during the entire day, whether I’m wearing make up or not. 

I pair it with my cheapie facial moisturizer from Walmart, which really isn’t doing anything for me in this fall weather, but I do like that it’s supposed to be medicated to help with breakouts.

My dry skin fix routine is fairly simple. I just use my regular moisturizer to moisturize my entire face and then apply the Aquaphor to the problem areas. Then my face is ready for the day.

~Melissa P.

  • Evelyn-Sarah OK

    I was also using the Equate Dual Power moisturizer and it wasn’t doing much for me either. It seemed to be too lightweight and watery, so I recently switched to a St. Ives moisturizer, which seems to be working really well!
    – Evelyn

    • I have to check out the St. Ives moisturizer. I tried their facial cleanser but it was a bit drying to me. I’m on the lookout for a summer moisturizer with SPF.