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Hey guys! I’ve made it back home to Texas after spending an awesome two weeks hopping around western Europe. I’ve been planning this Eurotrip for the past few months, so if you haven’t been following you can get up to date by reading this, this and this. This post will be more of a photo diary, but I will have more of a heart to heart, word-y post about all of the recent world events and travel warnings, coming up soon. Hope you enjoy!

Copenhagen, DK

My husband and I absolutely LOVED Copenhagen! It was a beautiful city, and I loved the fact that so many people got around by biking. Many people may not even acknowledge this, but I was really impressed with the bike lane that went through out the city. It’s so simple but was a very smart idea. We have a bike “lane” in some parts of Houston.. but it just turns into the turning lane for cars 75% of the time. The bike lane in Copenhagen was for bikes only. It was quite an expensive city, when it comes to hotels and food, but you can get everywhere on foot or by bike. This was our first stop in Europe, so once dinner time rolled around I was caught completely off guard when we were trying to find a good place to eat. The restaurants were packed, but no one was really eating? In every location we visited, most people would just go to the restaurants for a drink after work. 

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Paris, FR

Paris was totally different than what I expected. I know it’s a popular city and a tourist destination but for some reason I didn’t expect it to be sooooo crowded. I figured that is what New York must feel like. We had some of the best food and wine while in Paris. Not surprising, but everything was pretty delicious! Hubby and I didn’t have plans or know about Montmartre until our last  full day and I’m glad we found our way up there. My husband wanted to visit the wall of love, and afterwards we made our way up the hill and didn’t stop until we found the view overlooking the city.

paris paris paris paris parisparisparisparis paris

Luzern, CH

Switzerland was beaut-ti-ful! It was also ex-pen-sive. Like completely caught me off guard expensive. Our train tickets into the city were around $150 and McDonalds for 2 people came out to about $25. McDonalds?? It was also unfortunately super cold and rainy. Which meant all of the fun outdoor activities and sports I had planned wasn’t going to happen. To make matters worse, we had a HORRIBLE hotel experience and decided to get a refund and leave the country as a whole the following morning. Booked some last minute tickets to London via Ryan Air and all. 

switzerland switzerland 20160524_114649 20160524_130333swiss chocolate switzerland

London, UK

I was super excited to visit London! All of my blogging and Youtube idols are British and I probably wouldn’t be on here writing this today if I never came Patricia Bright and beautycrush aka Samantha Maria.. goals! London was also a bit surprising once we finally made it into the city. London looks amazing online via Instagram and Youtube, but in reality their “crumbling infrastructure” (Bernie Sander’s voice) is just as bad as ours. There are some beautiful and cool looking areas, but every city has that. However, there is plenty to do in London and it seems like it would be impossible to get bored. The public transit is also unbelievable! Coming from Houston, where it’s normal to wait an hour for a bus during a weekday, we were able to really walk anywhere and there would be a bus or train in a 8 minute walk max, that would take us right back to our hotel. London for us was really about the food. I know they get a bad rep when it comes to good food, but we found some awesome places. Nandos being one of our favorite! We went to Nandos about 4 times during our 5 days there.

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~Melissa P.