Good Riddance 2014!

2015 NYE

YAY! I know New Year’s is really only another day, but I’m so happy that this year is finally ending! I have to admit this year hasn’t been my best work, by far. I had to get rid of my cat, I’ve been what I can only describe as an antisocial hermit and I’ve been so confused on what my next step in life should be and what it is I really want to do professionally. I’ve also been battling SAD. The quarter life crisis is very real and I’ve been trying to figure my way out of it. The only great thing about this year is that I married my love and best friend. If it wasn’t for him I would probably be completely off my rocker in who knows what condition. He’s the stable and focused one in the relationship, while I on the other hand can be a hot mess.

I don’t want to bring such negativity to my blog, especially on what should be such a joyous occasion and celebration but sometimes you just need to vent. I thought by now I would be working in my dream job, living in an awesome apartment (our apartment is pretty awesome though), with a great social life and awesome friends. While in my free time going to cool and exciting city events and getting involved in the creative community. But instead it feels like I’m swimming circles in murky water.

I really hate the whole new year, new me cliche I hear everyone say every year, but there will be some change from me in 2015 because I am refusing to continue down this current path and being unhappy with myself. I’ve been taking some steps in this last week to get myself back to where I need to be to continue progressing in life and hopefully when I look back on this post New years of 2016 I can appreciate this struggle and it wouldn’t have been for nothing.

~Melissa P.