Green Juice and Sugar Cravings

green juice

Have you had the opportunity to try Green Juice, or any other fresh pressed, raw juice? I had plans of starting this month off with a kick ass juice fast, consuming nothing but raw fruit and vegetable juice for the next three days, but things didn’t necessarily work out in time for August 1st. I know some people don’t believe in cleanses, and I know the body does a great job at detoxifying itself, but this isn’t about that. This cleanse is more mental than anything.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now. I should actually say I’ve been struggling with sugar, I think I may be addicted to the stuff. I know how bad it is for me and I know it makes me feel like crap, but the daily cravings are non stop. Even if I wake up with the best intentions to eat healthy, my eyes, mind and taste buds always wonder to the first sweet thing I can find.

I still plan on doing a proper cleanse sometime soon to mentally force myself to stay away from the sweet stuff (and all the other processed foods I’ve been eating lately), but for now I’m hoping a couple jars of juice a day will keep me grounded until I can find a good juice cleanse to try out. We were thinking about buying a juicer and making juice in our own kitchen, but we already have a ton of kitchen appliances that we bought and only used for a couple weeks, so were taking our time on making a decision to purchase another one.

I stated in yesterday’s post that I will be daily blogging this month, so I will keep you updated on how the raw juice is helping me deal with my sugar cravings. The juice I purchase is 100% raw, organic and sugar free, but it’s still fairly sweet from the fruit used, so I’m hoping at least to switch from drinking processed juice (Welch’s, Ocean Spray etc.) to this fresh, healthy, raw alternative. An amazing feat would be beating my sugar cravings all together. Fingers crossed!


**Update** We ended up buying a juicer! Click here for some tasty green juice and other juices that you can make at home.

~Melissa P.