Happy Blogiversary Melissaperkins.co


Happy Blogiversary!

Exactly one year ago on today, I decided to rebrand my blog and make it something to be proud of. I learned how to use the manual settings in my camera and a bit about html, css and php. I overcame my fear of embarrassment and told my husband and mother about my little corner here on the web, and they’ve become my biggest supporters. In the midst of it all, I’ve met some pretty cool people and even went to a couple local blogger events.

My little blog still has a long way to go until it’s reached the point I want it to, but I’m very proud of all of the change and development that has happened in the year it’s been around. I still have things I want to improve, like my consistency in posting for one, but I really do appreciate everyone who has read, commented, liked, subscribed or shared any of my content.

Here’s to a second year of growth and sharing all the cool things I love with you guys!

~Melissa P.