Holiday media gets me every time

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Holiday Season

For some reason I thought I really liked hot chocolate. I went out to the store and purchased a box of hot cocoa and some mini marshmallows (which I was hesitant about, after learning they contain fish gelatin). Once I got home and mixed all my ingredients, my mouth was ready for the amazing seasonal treat. But after a few sips, I realized I’d rather stick with my tea.

Every time the holidays roll around I get tricked into believing that I really liked something and I should rush out and get it, because I haven’t had it all year. Not realizing, I haven’t had it all year because it’s not something I actually like. A few years ago it was egg nog, that I just couldn’t wait to get a sip of *gag*.

Which hot drink do you prefer for the cooler seasons, hot cocoa or tea?


*Update* It may have been the brand that threw me off of Hot Cocoa. I recently tried a mocha flavored coffee and fell in love.