How to Find Cheap Flights to Europe!

cheap flights to Europe

This year’s big trip is booked and I’m already planning the itinerary. But before I tell you all the details and surprises that this year’s trip will hold, let me tell you how I was able to find these super cheap flights to Europe!

Finding Cheap Flights to Europe

I’ve been looking into visiting Europe ever since we made it back from last years big trip and the cheapest round trip flight I could find from my city was around $950+. That’s not totally bad, but seeing that we were able to go further across the globe for less, when we went to Thailand, it was hard to hand over that much just to hop across the ocean.

I watched other travel vloggers talk about all cheap flights to Europe they were finding, but a common thread was they lived on the east coast! Of course, it’s going to be easy for you to get cheap and often nonstop flights out of the country. Unfortunately, pretty much any international flight out of Texas is going to be costly and if you can find a good price it’s going to be over 30 hours of travel time. No one wants to waste up to 2 days of precious vacation time off just to get to their destination.

That’s when it clicked! There was no way that I’ll be moving to Boston or New York and dealing with those freezing winter temps and blizzards, but what would happen if I could specifically fly out of one of those cheaper east coast cities.

I looked into every major airport on the coast, and every major airport within driving distance of Houston (just to check) and found Boston to offer the cheapest flights to Europe. A one-way often running for just under $200. 

The next step, was to see how could I get to Boston. I could drive, but that’s a long way and a lot of time. I could catch a train, but I wanted to keep this trip as simple as possible. I figured flights from Houston to Boston, would cost too much, but decided to look and see what the average prices were. I checked a few dates and found a one-way for just $72!

I did the same process for our return tickets, but the numbers weren’t as nice because our dates were pretty strict. However, I will tell you that round trip, our tickets are several hundred dollars cheaper than anything I could find pre-arranged on a trip planner site such as Expedia, Cheapoair, Skyscanner, etc.

The only downfall of planning your flights like this is the timing between your city and the coastal city. You want to be sure you give yourself enough time to gather your bags (if you travel heavy, which I recommend not doing just because checked luggage is a hassle) and get checked in to your second flight. You also have to be sure about which airports you’re flying in and out of. The last thing you want to happen is getting an Uber to London Heathrow, when you should actually be at London Gatwick and missing your flight.


Youtube Tip

I’ve found there to be a lot of misconceptions and misinformation when it comes to traveling cheaply in Europe. It’s a lot more expensive than south east Asia or South America, so I’m trying to hold on to as much coin as possible while still being comfortable and enjoying the trip. I plan on covering everything from flights, hotels/hostels, getting around in Europe, food, activities and excursions all on a budget be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more content on finding cheap flights to Europe and other budget travel tips. 

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~Melissa P.