How to Plan an International Holiday?| Part 2

planning an international holidayIf you need to get caught up on the basics of planning a international holiday be sure to read steps 1-6 in Part 1Here we are 25 days before a big trip, what have I been up to since my last travel planning post you may be asking? Well, lots of shopping and lots of itinerary building. Things slowed down a bit once the major task were taken care of but now that were less than a month away things have gotten a bit more hectic. These are the steps and tips I’d like to share on how to plan an international holiday.

7. Let family/close friends know about your trip

If you haven’t already spilled the beans about your big trip, now would be a good time to let your loved ones know. That way hopefully someone will offer to pet sit *wink* or collect the mail for you if need be. If you plan on being gone for an extended period it’s alway a good idea to have someone you trust check in on your home while you’re gone, you’d hate to come home days, weeks or even months later to that dirty pot you left in the sink. Plus, it’s nice to know someone is looking out for your home just incase someone else is eyeing it after you leave. Don’t forget about taking off from work! Let your boss know the days you will be taking a vacation so they won’t wonder where you’ve disappeared to.

8. Lose those 5-10lbs

Let’s be real. Just about everyone tries to lose a little bit of weight before taking a trip somewhere exotic, especially if you’re packing swim wear. So take advantage of those 1-6 months before your departure and get your health into check. Don’t be like me and wait until the final month to decide you should probably hit the gym and lay off the sweets and 5 Guys.

9. Take Care of Bills

Make sure your bills will be taken care of before you leave. Rent, lights, cable, student loans (sigh) etc. If possible try to get them set up for automatic payments so you won’t have to worry about real life problems while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. 

10. Plan your Itinerary (if you’re a little obsessive)

Planning is one of my life pleasures. Did I type up a day by day itinerary in military time of places to go, things to see and recommended restaurants? Yes I did. No shame. Of course you don’t have to go this deep into your planning, I just love planning to make the most out of our endeavors. We may not stick to what I have created exactly, but If we decide we want to have an action packed day I already have it all planned out.

11. SHOP!

Finally! Time to go shopping, of course I don’t mean for clothes, but that’s always welcome. I’m talking about the necessities. Make sure your luggage is in good shape or pick up some new bags if you don’t have any yet. Make sure they fit all the requirements of your airline. Pretty much all airlines have different weight requirements for carryon and checked luggage so make sure your bags will fit your needs. Hubby and I will be traveling super light so we are only taking carry on bags. I have no luggage what so ever so I ordered a new backpack from Amazon. I made sure it was light weight because the carry on has to be a max of 7kg or (15lbs) and I didn’t want to waste 6 or 7lbs on the weight of the bag. Don’t forget your toiletries, usually liquids have to be in 100ml containers and you can only bring what you can fit comfortably into a sandwich bag onto the plane. I’d also bring along some antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer, because the last thing you need, is to catch someone’s on the plane sickness and feel ill for half your vacation. Now would also be a good time to buy any useful items such as waterproof phone cases (if you plan on being in water), money belts, cameras, selfie sticks (yes, I purchased a selfie stick, it’s pretty awesome).

12. Money

Do some research on exchange rates and find out what is the best way to exchange your money into the currency of your destination. For us, it was recommended that we don’t exchange money until we reach our destination and I also found out multiple places where we can find the best rate once we arrive.

13. Trip Advisor

Again, I love this site. It’s pretty much become my Facebook while planning this trip, with how much I visited it. Find your destination’s page on Trip Advisor and the lovely wanderer’s before you should have developed frequently updated “Before you Go” Travel Guides, which should help you get tips and important information for your specific destination. Stay up to date on those in the weeks prior to your international holiday and also be sure to check back on the reviews of the hotels you booked, so you don’t get any unwanted surprises once you check in.

Hopefully these tips are helpful to those of you in the process of planning your vacation, and if you have any extra tips you think I may have forgotten, be sure to leave them down below! 

~Melissa P.