How to Whiten Teeth at Home Fast

how to whiten teeth at home

One of my goals of 2016 was to really get myself together and to take the extra step when it comes to making myself feel and look better. Next to eyebrows, the second thing that makes me a little self conscious is how white my teeth look. While I assure you, my dentist and I are tight and I take proper care of my teeth, I always feel like they could be a little whiter than my normal dental care provides me. 

This is where whitening strips come into play! I first tried them out my junior year of college, right after I got my braces removed. I was excited to finally have straight teeth, and I wanted them to be chiclet white and fast. I wasn’t sure about the regular whitening strips you can pick up from Target or Walmart, so I searched online and came across the Crest Whitestripes Supreme Professional Whitening kit. 

It had great reviews and most people were stunned by there results! The kit is about $54, but comes with 42 pouches of whitening strips. Which is more than enough for you to whiten teeth 2-3 times a year or share with 2-3 friends or family members.


The kit comes with instructions and for the most part you just wear 1 set of strips for 30 minutes, twice a day. But from my past experience, my advice is to TAKE IT SLOW. I followed the instructions of wearing 2 sets of pouches, back to back, every day for about a week and a half and I got shooting pain sensitivity in my teeth and gums. It was temporary, but I rather just not put my self through the pain. It even warns about the sensitivity on the packaging, so figure out what you can handle and how your mouth reacts.

I would recommend only wearing one a day, or wearing 2 sets of pouches every other day, depending on your sensitivity.

Another thing, is the instructions say you should whiten teeth for 21 days for the best results. But after a little over a week of twice a day, every day whitening, my teeth were beautifully white and going any further wasn’t necessary.

The results lasted a long time, but eventually I forgot all about it and never did any upkeep. After the initial whitening, you only really need to do a few days of upkeep every couple of months. That’s if you don’t drink or eat a lot of stuff that can stain your teeth.


~Melissa P.