Keep Calm.. It’s Almost Fall!


The final month of summer has finally arrived and I already can’t wait for it to end! I know, earlier this year I was probably complaining about the cold, but this Texas heat is just as bad as negative degree weather. It’s dangerous to go outside because you might get dehydrated and have a heat stroke, or even get a bad sun burn, so most days are spent trying to find ways to keep cool indoors. Let’s not even get started on the fact that most of my clothes are actually fall appropriate, so, most days I’m still looking around my closet for something that won’t leave me fanning my shirt around trying to get a breeze.  

Now if you’re still in school or college you’re probably not the happiest that these past few months have flown by so quickly, but I actually prefer autumn to summer, because of all the holidays and festivities. I’m really excited about this holiday season because I’m going all out and over the top when it comes to celebrating. Hubby and I haven’t had a traditional Halloween or Christmas celebration since we met, so since things are finally settling down (to some degree) I think this year would be as good as ever to start some family traditions. I don’t want to give too much away right now, but were making a few major changes this fall including moving into a bigger place that I can’t wait to decorate.

To help push things along, I thought it would be fun to do BEDA (Blog Every Day in August), because I haven’t done daily blogging since the start of my blog in November and could use the love! This month I want to focus on health and skin care on the blog so stay tuned if it sounds likes something you’ll be interested in!

Are you excited for fall/autumn? It’s my favorite season of the year.

~Melissa P.