Lipstick Basics- Pigmented Colors

Pigmented Lip ColorsWhen it comes to lipstick, I believe every person who is into makeup should start off with a red, pink, nude and a fun-flirty color. This post should be especially helpful to girls of a darker complexion who may have had issues finding these colors in suitable shades.

brownMy go to nude is by Sephora in a shade called “Brown is Back.” It’s a matte pinkish-brown and looks great when you have a bold eye or just going for a light makeup look.

pink I had quite a few issues trying to find a nice shade of pink for me, but Sephora’s “Natural Pink” ended my search. I usually pair it with a dark pink almost magenta lip pencil.Purple When it comes to experimenting with lip colors, I love all shades of purple. I’m totally in love with Revlon’s “Shameless.” redEvery girl should have a red lipstick. It’s kind of mandatory. Red lipsticks usually come in a blue or orange undertone and I prefer the blueish tints. I got this lippie from an online drugstore for super cheap! Literally, it under $2.


  • What lip colors are you looking forward to wearing this season?

  • Evelyn-Sarah OK

    I love the way the nude looks on you! I can’t seem to get lighter colors to work for me. I always end up feeling obnoxious or gross so I wipe it off and stick to dark purples and reds. Lol!
    – Evelyn

    • Thanks for commenting! I understand your troubles with lighter colors, I cant bare to see girls with ashy looking lipstick.