Lipstick for Darker Skin

lipstick for darker skin - sin

I’ve always had issues with finding proper lipsticks, my lips are different colors so a muddy looking lipstick application is usually the norm. But last year, I bit the bullet and started buying MAC’s lipsticks and in my opinion they have some of the best lipstick for darker skin. I always heard people talk about using MAC, but being a newbie at makeup I didn’t want to spend $16 (now $17 *cough, cough*) on a single lip product. But now I know, when it comes to make up, sometimes you get what you pay for.


My favorite lippie of all time is Sin. It’s a vampy, reddish-brown, that doesn’t dry my lips out, so it’s been getting a lot of wear. If you see me in any post or video with a dark lip 9 times out of 10 this is probably it! Not only is this a perfect lipstick for darker skin, but I think it flatters most complexions.

MAC Taupe

I’ve also recently purchased Taupe. It’s a  deep nudish-pink color on my skin and I really like that it makes my lips even in color on those days I want to go for a nudish tone.

Other Lipstick for Darker Skin

My final two favorite colors, are Ruby Woo and Film Noir. Everyone probably has this bright bluish-red in their arsenal already, but film noir is a creamy dark brown, with burgundy undertones, perfect for the fall time.

I’ll definitely be adding more MAC colors to my collection, as I love the pigmentation, smell and texture of their formula.  
lipstick for darker skin - macwoo




Do you have any lip brands that you love? If you have darker lips, I’d also love to hear your recommendations on any brands or colors you think I should try out. If you’re interested in seeing more makeup tips and my favorite brands check out my post on my favorite inexpensive eyeshadows.

~Melissa P.