Maybelline Master Glaze: Drug Store Finds

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick, cream stick blushI don’t think I’ve ever wore blush before. Every now and then I may contour with my Sephora Blush powder, but because it’s so deep in color I keep it as a contour. Because of my skin tone and it’s dryness, I’ve had a hard time finding a blush that doesn’t make me look like a clown or like I have colored dry patches on my cheeks.

I had a mini epiphany that maybe a cream blush would look great on me. I wanted to find a deep pinkish color that was buildable and easily blendable. I ran across this Maybelline Master Glaze stick blusher at my neighborhood CVS and figured I’d give it a try since they have the best return policy, just in case I hated it.

The Maybelline Master Glaze is super creamy and I can blend it easily with my fingers. The color is perfect for everyday. I have posted some photos with it on below, but first I want to share these Ardell Natural false lashes. As I told you last week, I finally learned how to put on falsies! So I couldn’t wait to pick up even more styles of lashes. I wanted a pair that were curlier than my current pairs, and these blend seamlessly with my super curly lashes.

Links are below if you want more information on these products.
Ardell NaturalMaybelline Cream Stick in “Make A Mauve”     |    Ardell Natural 120 Demi Lashes

Melissa Perkins Melissa Perkins~Melissa P.

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    Also, this is the first time I have seen the Master Glaze stick look subtle and pretty on the skin instead of cakey. I may have to try it out. I love a good cream blush.


    • Thanks for the great information Leah! This really helped. I’ve been following their social media for a couple months also. I’m really nervous about attending events and socializing IRL, but I would love to get involved and break out of my shy shell.