NaBloPoMo –30 Posts in 30 Days



I’m not new to blogging, since middle school I’ve had a habit of creating blogs that I post to for a week or so and then forget about. But with all of this “forced free time” that has been in my lap, I figured why not get serious and stay consistent with my content.

During the last week of October I knew I wanted to do a 30 post in 30 day challenge, so once the 1st of November came I got busy with creating my content. Today while looking for ideas I came across BlogHer’s National Blog Post Month contest/event (NaBloPoMo) and saw it as a great opportunity to keep me motivated and on track. It seems a little overwhelming right now,   with the idea that for the next 30 days I will have to have something posted by noon each day. But I have a feeling that November should be a pretty interesting month, so hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff for you in the upcoming days!

Til’ tomorrow 😉 ,