NaBloPoMo… Fin.

Well if you’re reading this that means NaBloPoMo has come to an end and I have completed my 30 post in 30 days challenge.

Out of all the blogs I’ve created in my life I can say by far, this is my favorite and has become my baby of sorts. I’ve put hours, no, days into developing my content, coding my theme, even learning a bit about Jquery and PHP (I still prefer the visual properties of HTML & CSS). I’ve learned more about how to use my camera in this past month than I have in the past year of owning it. I’m very happy with the content I have created in the last month, and I’m glad to have narrowed down my blog’s theme, because when I started I wanted it to be about pretty much everything.

I also want to thank the 150+ unique visitors that came to check me out this month. That may not be a lot to some people, but seeing that this is my first month of blogging on a self-hosted site, I didnt have a clue how anyone was going to find me on here, so I appreciate you clicking that link. If you are one of my returning visitors, please follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook or subscribe to my blog so you will always know when I post new content. All of these buttons can be found in my side bar.

Moving forward, I will no longer continue to post daily. But if you have come to enjoy my blog don’t worry because new content will be posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday and my “Week in Review” (WIR) posts will still be posted on Sundays. But don’t be surprised if you see a random post pop up every blue moon, even though I will try to save my thoughts for WIR’s.

What’s next for

Well, I really want to become a part of the online and IRL blogger community. I hope to join my local bloggers group this month and get involved in some of the events and meet like-minded bloggers in my city. By getting out of my comfort zone, it would help me to bring even better content to my site. 

I also have a brand new venture that will be live January 2015! So stay tuned for that awesome sauce and be sure to show your support when it comes.

~Melissa P.