My Natural Hair Journey | Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been another year already. My hair has been through a lot in the last 5 years, but I’m finally at a point in which I am comfortable with not only taking care of it, but also being comfortable and confident with the hair I was born with.

Below is a collage of my hair journey starting from Junior/Senior year of University, when I first noticed the whole natural hair movement. My hair was long and healthy and I took really good care of it in high school and early in my uni career. Once junior year rolled around and the stress of dating/graduation/grades plus burning my poor ends multiple times a week as I went clubbing with friends, my hair was no longer healthy and it showed by the amount of shedding.

Around this time I was really discovering the Youtube beauty community and I started watching all of the girls joining the natural hair movement and I eventually took the plunge and big chopped myself. Taking care of my TWA was super easy and took no time at all to deep condition, detangle and style. But as soon as my hair started to grow, I had no clue what I was doing, as there weren’t many girls on Youtube with my short, thick, kinky texture.

I got fed up and decided to tex-lax, but I didn’t quite have experience with relaxing virgin hair and even though I ended up re-applying multiple relaxers they never really took and straightened my hair to the texture I was used to before going natural. So I ended up with some pretty bad damage to my hair.

I gave my hair a break after torturing it for so long and just let it be, but that didn’t really solve the shedding issues I was dealing with so I eventually started the process of transitioning and cutting away all the fried and damaged hair. I had no intention of going completely natural again, but a year later here I am, all natural and loving my hair!

My Natural Hair Journey

If you’re interested in the full story check out my YouTube video below, where I discuss the very beginning of my natural hair journey up til now and all the styles, damage and mini chops in between.


~Melissa P.

  • Kelly J

    Hi Melissa! I enjoyed reading your post. I too have cut out pork along with chicken, soda, and dairy is next. Chicken was so hard for me because I loved Popeyes and we have Rasing Canes here in Louisiana too and I was addicted!

    Keep up the progess!