Our New Puppy: Coco The Miniature Poodle

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I thought now would be a good time to introduce everyone to my new obsession! Coco the blue/black mini poodle. It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly to my blog. Don’t get me wrong,  it’s always in the back of my mind, but with going back to school and this adorable little addition to our family things have be hectic!

I’ll have another update post soon, but for now I want to focus on our pet story. 

I grew up with dogs when I was a kid, so once I went off college it was a little disappointing that there were no animals around. (I even tried to sneak a pet hamster into my dorm, but I think my roommate told the RA about it, unless the RA just goes snooping in the dorms when we weren’t in them.) After hubby and I graduated and moved into our first real apartment we adopted a kitten, and while we loved him so much he ended up becoming sick and no matter what the vet did the problems kept coming back. 

Once we moved back to Houston I knew I would eventually want a dog, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted nor was I sure I was ready to make another commitment to an animal. A couple years later, I started to get serious about my search for a new puppy. 

At first I was pretty set on getting a Pomeranian just based on cuteness, but I wanted to make sure the next pet we brought into our lives would be best for my husband and our lifestyle. Some of the things we were looking for in a companion pet were small size, but sturdy enough to jump off the couch and bed and be okay. We also wanted a dog that wouldn’t shed like crazy. I was also looking for a smart breed that I could easily train.

After looking at dozens of videos and articles online, Poodles kept coming up as the perfect mix of every thing I wanted. An intelligent breed, that was hypoallergenic, smart and they came in three different sizes that gave you options based on your lifestyle. 

I looked for a legit, caring, serious mini poodle breeder for months. (We know some people may not agree with buying a dog, but after the bad experience we had with adopting our cat, we were very nervous about adopting a pet without knowing it’s background, and decided that this would be the best choice for us.) I eventually came across, a well known breeder in my area that shows champion poodles and even though she didn’t have the size I was looking for, she put me in contact to one of her friends that recently had a litter of black miniature poodles. We exchanged contact information and spent a few weeks getting to know one another, our history and expectations for the pups. Eventually, I was able to pick out my girl and she came home the week before Christmas.

Coco “Cujo” Perkins

When we first got her she was 3 months old and was this tiny 4 lb, adorable, shy fur ball. She didn’t bark and just wanted to be by my feet. Her first vet appointment went great and we were glad to know that she was a healthy puppy. As time went on she became more comfortable around us, and more confident in herself. She started learning tricks like sit, lay, spin, sit pretty and dance, even before we enrolled her into training. We decided to litter box train her, using dog litter of course, and she’s been really good with her potty training so far. She even jumps up on the bathroom door when she wants us to let her in to her litter box.

Coco is now just about 6 months old, and is officially our fur daughter. I bombard my mother with pictures and video clips of her weekly. She recently had her first semi-full hair cut (done by me) and she’s in the process of growing in her adult curly coat, ( so it looks a little crazy.) Were very happy with Coco and I couldn’t imagine any other dog being ours.

Update: Here are a few updated photos of her. She is now around 10 months and just had a hair cut, so we decided she needed an updated photo shoot lol. I think she’s as big as she’s going to get now, her legs and arms kind of shot out around 8-9 months so now were trying to get her to fill out a bit.

“She’s become a pro at getting her photo taken!”

~ Melissa P.