Overwhelmed | Life Update



Hey blogger buds! It’s really been forever and a day since I’ve shown my blog some love (there goes one of my new years resolutions.) But I’ve been super busy and overwhelmed with trying to get my life in order and ready for my 25th birthday and in the process working my self like crazy. 

My plans this year were supposed to be full of traveling, starting a business, becoming a plant-based vegan that ran 5K’s, posting weekly to my blog and vlog, getting my wardrobe together, figuring out what I wanted longterm career wise, increasing our household income and finally developing a social life.

But in reality, things aren’t looking exactly how I pictured and you could probably see from that list how I became overwhelmed. While I planned on this being my “glow up” year, it’s turning out to be my “grow up” year. Hubby and I decided to double down on our student loans and car note and get ALL of our debt paid off in the next couple of years and that also means learning to stick to the budget we created.

With our focus moving from just living, saving and spending to getting rid of our student debt and sticking to a budget, there isn’t much room for a huge wardrobe revamp or endless travel. It’s definitely been a process to change my mindset and spending habits, but I’m figuring it out.

On a more interesting note, I have managed to start a small business! It took a bit longer than I planned, but it’s finally up and running. I plan on dedicating a blog post to it, giving you all the details and what the creation process was like, but that’s for another day.

Health and fitness wise, I’m still trying to figure it out. This girl likes to eat and it’s been a journey trying to figure out how to balance it all. I pretty much bounce around between being vegetarian and eating meat every few months once my life starts getting too busy. My husband and I also started the C25K program last month, but we kind of derailed from it when I got a little ill. I feel totally better now, so were trying to work our way back up to where we left off.

While all of this has been going on, I’ve also been trying to plan out the trips we booked earlier this year, before deciding to double down on our student debt. 

It’s been a stressful last couple of months, and there have definitely been times where I didn’t do anything because of being too overwhelmed and frozen. However, I’m learning to manage this whole being an adult thing because I know it doesn’t do anything but get more complicated as life goes on and you introduce things like kids, remodeling a house, dealing with sick family etc. 

To help deal with my sense of overwhelm, I’ve been thinking of ways to streamline and minimize the material things in my life. It’s actually quite freeing and relaxing to get rid off unnecessary junk and only have the essentials that I love and use frequently. I did a closet declutter sometime last year, but I’m ready to do another one along with a kitchen and bathroom declutter. I think back on when we moved last year and all the stuff we had to pack and move was ridiculous for a tiny one bedroom apartment. So I’ve really been thinking about whats actually needed and whats just taking up space.

To-do lists have also become a huge part of my life recently. With so many things that need to be taken care of it’s easy to forget something important (like paying your business taxes a day late, and incurring a late fee), so hubby and I have started to have weekly sit-downs where we discuss everything from the previous week’s spending to creating a weekly to-do list and plan for running our business.

That brings me to my final update. I’m considering revamping my blog and switching things up a bit. If you’ve noticed I changed my tagline to ‘Minimalist Lifestyle and Travel Blogger’ then you may have  already realized a change is coming. I want my blog to be a reflection of my life and with all the changes I’m trying to make I want my blog to be apart of that. All of my previous content will remain on my site, but there will be a few branding and structural changes, so stay tuned.

~Melissa P.