Planning our first international travel

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Ever since college I’ve had the desire to travel. If I would have actually made a four-year-plan, I would have definitely included a study abroad program in Europe. I, however, was too focused on trying to hurry up and graduate. 

Since that ship has long sailed, hubby and I have been taking the necessary steps to plan our first international trip next March for our 1 year anniversary. Honestly, the only steps we’ve taken are getting our passports (which is a pretty big step in my opinion) and saving up for everything. Now we have around 5 months left to decide on a location, book flights and a hotel. I have no clue what I’m doing so everything will probably get booked within the last 2 or 3 months, but I work well under pressure.

I’m really excited to see a new part of the world and to share the experience with my husband. I’ve had my mind set on Thailand since senior year of college, but I’m definitely going to put a month or two of research into finding a place that will make a great trip for the both of us before making that final decision. The sights, food, culture and beaches of Thailand just seem like something I need to experience at least once. 

I plan to document the planning process and the actual trip here on my blog so you can see how it all falls together in time. Keep your fingers crossed it all goes well!

Til’ next time,