Que Bella Clarifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

Que Bella clarifying cucumber peel-off mask

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve done a legit facial mask. They were usually clay mask and I destroyed several towels trying to wipe off all the clay. While doing my weekly Target browse ( I’ve been obsessed with Target since moving back to Houston) I came across this brand and several of their cleansing mask.

The clarifying mask caught my eye in particular because not only was it a peel-off mask, but I have to try anything that claims to tone and even out the skin. The product was clear with a light green tint, and smelled of fresh cucumbers. The texture was thick and sticky and really reminded me of the styling gel brand (or in my case edge control) “Gorila Snot”.

The instructions tell you to rinse your face with warm water and then spread the mask evenly over the face, avoiding hair, eyebrows, eyes and mouth and wait 20 minutes or until dry. I would advise you to tie your hair up in a scarf or put it in a tight pony tail because I left my hair down at first and had hair glued to my face and product in my hair.

Que Bella clarifying cucumber peel-off mask

Que Bella Clarifying MaskQue Bella Clarifying MaskQue Bella Clarifying MaskAfter removing the mask my skin felt tingly and smooth. The oil slick down the middle of my face was gone and everything was very matte. Afterwards I applied a light layer of my microalgae oil to restore some glow (not shown).

I really like the mask and it’s quite refreshing. I will probably start including them into my routine, if only to cut down on all the oil. 

(Excuse the bushy brows, I’ve been procrastinating on making my way to the threader.)

~Melissa P.