Sweater Weather and Watershed Market

DSC03170I sometimes forget that it’s actually December. Growing up in Michigan, this time of year I expect snow up to my knees with a thick layer of black ice to slip and fall on underneath. But here in Texas its just reached a temperature where you can wear sweaters and a light jacket at the same time.

I actually intended to wear my black leather jacket with this outfit, but my husband thought that would have looked like I tried too hard. Now that I look back on the photos it would have looked great with the rest of the outfit, he doesn’t know anything about style. I’m just now getting him to start experimenting with layering himself.

I’ve had this event on my calendar for about a month now, and while we didn’t arrive until 2 hours before closing I had the perfect time. Local food trucks, live music, and cute shops selling things they’ve created. I feel like I fit right in. 

Sweater Weather

DSC03167 DSC03182 DSC03212 sweater weather DSC03250 C1 C2DSC03159C3

Sweater- Target

Skirt/Headband- Forever 21

Tights/Shoes- Target

Necklace- H&M

~Melissa P.

  • I know exactly where you are! My parents live in the townhomes facing that field. I used to take blog photos there. How weird! I have yet to go when they have events there, but it looks fun!

    Your sweater has such a cool hem. Is that your husband juggling? My bf would be so envious of his skills.

    • That was our first time in the area, but I was drooling over how cute the homes were! But, no that’s not my husband, I just thought it would be nice to get some action shots of his skills.