Legalize Melanin Sweatshirt


Have you ever been on Facebook… wasting time, seeing your friends from way back rant, ramble and boast about their lives. When all of the sudden, something actually worth seeing catches your eye? That’s pretty much the scenario that led to this sweatshirt purchase. I usually never buy things that I come across on Facebook or Instagram. But after seeing a photo of a woman wearing this sweatshirt on a hair group I follow, I went right to the comments to figure out if someone knew where I could get it.

Turns out I wasn’t the only person in love with the design, because a bunch of ladies were just as curious. I was a little hesitant because I’ve never heard of and I don’t trust any website with my money except Amazon and ASOS. But after confirming the authenticity of the site and showing my husband the design, I had to show my support for another black creative woman.

The actual sweatshirt material is super soft and feels high quality. I’ll link her Redbubble store in case you’re interested in checking out her other stuff. The customer service was great, and they were really helpful when it came to sorting out a sizing issue I had. Just an FYI though, if you purchase one of the sweaters you should probably size down. I originally bought the medium size, but it was far too baggy in my shoulders and chest even though I’m a 36DD.



~Melissa P.

  • I really like Red Bubble, but sometimes the designs are stolen from the original artist. I will research a design I am interested in before purchasing on their site. That aside, I like the bold message of this sweatshirt. It’s also an attractive and impactful design. Good first choice.

    • Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. I did look at her social media links (to see who she was since it said she was in Houston) beforehand so I think it’s legit her’s. I will for sure make sure I research the designs before I purchase something else.