Trip to Thailand! |Photo Diary


Hey guys! All my planning and prepping has finally come to an end and my Thailand vacation is over! It was a great experience and I honestly can’t wait to continue on in my travels. If you ever get the opportunity to travel outside of your own country (especially one as beautiful as Thailand), I definitely recommend it!

I’m not even sure how to go about writing this blog post, because there are no words to sum up my actual experience on this trip. Photos alone wouldn’t even express what a great time we had and all that we did. I knew going into the trip that it would be something I would want to hold on to forever, so vlogging it was mandatory.

I did a lot of things I was afraid of while away, and that made this trip even more special. I walked across an old barely there bridge, I snorkeled, I touched all kinds of sea critters, tried durian and jackfruit (gag lol), rode an elephant, climbed a waterfall, walked the streets of Bangkok (not like that), fed the sharks and the fishes, swam in the sea, tasted salty sea water (not on purpose), and met and bonded with people from all around the world. I baked in the sun and wearing makeup was literally the last thing on my mind with how hot it was everyday, so this post is totally unrelated to beauty and makeup.

A photo can capture a memory, but being able to look back on all the video I took and not only see the images, but hear the noises and see the little things happening around me is almost magical. My Thai vlogs are up on my YouTube channel, but first here are photos of some of the things I managed to capture.



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  • Looks amazing!!!

    • Thailand really was beautiful! The plane ride to go to the other side of the world… not so much lol Thanks for commenting!