The Best Time to Get Married?


I recently celebrated my one year marriage anniversary in beautiful Thailand. It was a trip I’ve wanted to do for about 3 years now, but I’m glad I waited until I could experience it with my husband! 

When I was in high school, I had an expectation of graduating college at 21, getting married at 27 and children by 28. While the marriage part has happened way ahead of time, I’m happy it happened when it did.

When I first entered college I had no idea that I would meet the man I was going to marry on the very first day. Dating okay, but marriage was so far off my radar, it didn’t even cross my mind. While hubs pretty much knew right away that he had real feelings for me, it took me a little longer, years longer, to get to that point. Granted, we still needed to mature and grow as individuals.

After some time, I noticed that he made me a better person, and helped me focus on the things that were important (like studying and now finances, what guy actually helps you to improve your grades!! My husband that’s who.)  He helps me put the reality back into my fantasy world. While that might not sound the most “romantic”, I really appreciate and admire his drive to work hard for the things you want. And to add to that, he really understood me and my weirdness and was, as corny as it sounds, my other half.

We had managed to mature and learn how to not be so self-centered and selfish. A big thing for us was learning when to just say “okay” instead of all ways trying to be right. Now the biggest thing we fight about is the comforter and who gets to be player one in Fable (why is there even a player two at all?)  

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but I honestly think we got that out of the way when we were still dating, because it has been a wonderful first year of marriage and I’m excited for our future.


If I was to offer some advice to young women (17-23), it would be to definitely enjoy those years, and get to really know yourself and work out your own personality/personal issues before jumping into a serious relationship. I don’t think you need to be 25 or 30 before you start to think about marriage, but being at least 20 and emotionally stable are kind of important, so is really getting to know the person you’re with. We dated for 4-5 years before joining hands, which may be a bit harder if you’re already 30 and wanting children. I’m glad I got married fairly young because my husband and I get to grow together instead of into two totally different people, trying to fit into each other lifestyles later on in life. Everyone is different, but this is what felt right for us.

<3 Young Love <3

~Melissa P.