The Struggles of Eyebrow Grooming

eyebrow grooming

If it’s one thing in the beauty realm that I love and hate at the same time it would have to be brow grooming. On one hand, if it’s done right it can shape your face beautifully, but if it’s done wrong it can leave you with battle wounds and jacked up eyebrows (and who wants that?) I’ve gone through my share of bad eyebrow grooming and it’s something that I’m still trying to get right. 

When I was younger I had the thickest eyebrows ever, well not really, but they were rather thick and bushy. When I finally hit the age where my mom took me to get my eyebrows waxed I knew it was something that I would be doing for the rest of my life and I was happy about that.

Once I moved to Texas in my senior year of high school the threading trend had pretty much went main stream and the first few times I had it done the results were beautiful. But with moving to university and graduating and hopping around different states, it’s been impossible to settle down with one threader who I could trust. I’ve had my brows threaded too thin and once with way too much arch that I had a constant look of surprise. Other times I’ve had them done perfectly with no complaints.


Story Time:

I recently grew my brows out over a course of 3 months, with the hopes of having getting an eyebrow grooming and having perfectly shaped, arched and full set of brows. When I went to get them threaded in the new year the lady did them rather quickly and more so cleaned them up instead of shaping. A few days later I broke out across my brow area and noticed that some areas of my brow had broken skin and scabs. Did that lady really rip the skin off my face in the process of cleaning up of my brows?! Sadly, yes she did. Luckily, the broken skin has healed and the scarring is minimal, but I will never under any circumstance let them near my face again. In case you are in the Houston area, I would really choose to go somewhere else besides the eyebrow threading shop in Memorial Mall, because I’m afraid one of their workers doesn’t know what she is doing. I’m not sure what my next step should be when it comes to eyebrow grooming. I know it’s something that I need to keep up, but I’ve lost trust in many of the threading shops. I may just learn to properly tweeze and wax them myself, and save a few bucks in the process.

~Melissa P.

  • Mildred

    Go back to the lady we use to go to in Greenspointe mall, if she’s still there.

    • That mall is like an hour away, I live on the complete opposite side of town now. Plus that was like 5 years ago lol I doubt she’s still there since she only had a kiosk at the time.

      • Mildred

        She had a store when we left!

  • Elaine Springer Griffin

    This is a struggle for me. I really need to find someone to help me out in this area, and just get them done regularly. The problem is leaving them alone in the interim!

    • What methods have you tried so far? Waxing, Threading, Tweezing? Sometimes I can over tweeze certain areas so I have to be careful. If I do take a chance and have someone else fix them up, I’m definitely going to be on Yelp or Google, maybe even YouTube looking for local reviews and recommendations first.

  • I have a love and hate relationship with my eyebrow lady — it is so hard to find someone who consistently does it well!

    • This! I don’t know what the issue is. Sometimes it seems like they don’t even care how you look as long as they get paid.

  • neutrallystreet

    i’ve had so many bad experiences with my eyebrows it’s not even funny lol…nowadays i just use an eyebrow razor/shaver to shape them myself and it’s a lot safer, cheaper and easier than waxing or threading, you can get them for like $2 off ebay 🙂

    • I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who deals with these issues. I used to use an eye brow razor on my brows, I should probably start doing that again, my brows looked better than they do now.