Trend Chaser….NOT!

trend chaser

While fashion and style have never been my strong suits or main focus, I do like to try out different things and experiment with all of the options available to us as women.

I spot the trends I like and that fit my body and personality and go with it. But one thing I will not do is purchase clothes and wear items only for the reason that they are currently “trendy”. 

With my whole wardrobe redo, something I’ve been realizing is that I like what I like and I like to keep it simple when it comes to clothes. It’s fun to try out trendy items every now and then, but honestly that’s not really me, especially if it’s not something that I wouldn’t want to wear if the “trend” dies out. I don’t really see the point in me being a trend chaser.

While browsing Target’s apparel section with my husband not to long ago, an older lady in her 40’s, came up to us and mentioned she worked at Macys and there was a big sale going on where we could find better brand items for even cheaper than what Target was charging. She was very friendly and I was cool with what she had to say until she said “Yeah, you have to check out Macy’s and you need to get out of the old lady section, look in your section.”



While I admit, I was in the plus size section of apparel looking to see if the jean shirt-dress I wanted had been misplaced, what’s the big deal? If I want to dress like a 50s or 60s era, house wife, that’s my prerogative. My husband finds it attractive and I find it comfortable and flattering. I’m not into wearing crop tops and shorts that show the bottom of my butt and I absolutely hate fringe. I prefer simple cuts, basic colors, and flowy dresses. I’ll leave the rest of America to dress like Kim K and strippers.

Dress how you want to dress and don’t let the media or anyone make you do different or feel bad for being you. If you’re comfortable and not breaking any laws, do you.

~Melissa P.

  • Just last week when I was taking blog photos I realized how similar my outfits are to each other. I considered changing things up and incorporating more mainstream items, but I know that’s a dumb idea. Blogs are so much more interesting when they have a unique voice and are a transparent representation of the blogger. I don’t want to wear something I wouldn’t normally wear, and I value your commitment to avoid trends that don’t work for you. It’s what makes us real and keeps blogging fun.

    • Thanks Leah! It is important to stay true to yourself when it comes to this blogging stuff. I see a few bloggers wearing things that I feel not even they would normally wear, solely for the reason of being trendy and they look a hot mess. It’s not ‘them’ and they’re wearing it just because it looks a certain way. Stay strong lol