Vegan Meals Take Two

Vegan Pancakes, banana pancakes, vegan meals

I have a love hate relationship with veganism. On one hand I would love to cut all of the animal products out of my life and become a plant based eater. On the other hand I love a good burger and you have to admit, living in Texas, the closest I can get to a vegan restaurant is the fresh pressed juice shop. It’s hard to make the change because eating meat has become so convenient for most people.  I posted a few months ago about my Vegan Eats for a Week (though the photos weren’t as pretty) and shortly after I was back to eating burgers and stuffed crust pizza. I tried to force myself to cut everything out cold turkey for a week and I had a pretty difficult time, because I didn’t know what I was really supposed to be eating.

This time I’m taking it slow. I’m not saying this is the end all be all and from now on I’ll never touch meat again, because I’m not sure yet, but I have been picking up alternatives and saying no to the opportunity to eat it. Currently, I would say I’m a vegetarian, I don’t cook with eggs and dairy, but if it so happens to be in something precooked that is otherwise meatless I won’t turn it down completely. But when it comes to preparing my own meals they have been 100% meat, egg and dairy free! 

Below are some of my favorite vegan meals that I’ve prepared so far.

Vegan Meals

(above) Banana nut Pancakes /served with peaches | Veggie Pizza | Pinto Bean Tacos and Spanish Rice | Independence Day dinner with Morning Star Riblet

Vegan PizzaVegan TacosVegan Holiday Meal ~ Melissa P.