Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Facial Peel

Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Facial Peel, vivo per lei dead sea minerals peel

Dead Sea Minerals Facial Peeling

Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Facial Peel

I usually never buy stuff from kiosk at the mall, for one it’s over priced and two it’s usually something I don’t need. However, a couple of months ago, one of the ladies working a Vivo Per Lei kiosk pulled me over to the side and forced me to listen to her spill about the skin care line. Since I got to the mall early and was waiting on a certain store to open up, I figured I’d listen to what she had to say instead of walking off.

She tried to sell me $100+ worth of product, I said no. $60 worth of product, no. Eventually she asked to try this facial peel on me, telling me that it had all natural ingredients and was gentle on the skin. As she rubbed it into the back of my hand “dead skin” started to accumulate and peel off. I was intrigued, after all I was in the market for an exfoliant. She lowered her price to $30 and I thought I was getting a deal so I told her to “ring me up”. After making my way back to the car I decided to look up the product on google to learn more about what I just bought. Not only were the reviews very mixed, but Amazon was selling the same product for under $10! You can believe I was livid, I checked the receipt hoping to return it, but of course it said “no returns”. I understood the mistake I made by not researching something on my own before purchasing, but my only choice at this point was to use the product and hope for the best.

I’ve been using the vivo per lei dead sea minerals facial peel for a couple of months and I can tell you it’s definitely not worth $30, or the $100 it’s selling for on it’s website. I really don’t believe the clumps of “dead skin” that form when you rub the product onto the face is actually dead skin, but more just the beads breaking down and mixing with the oils on your face. It’s closer to a light exfoliant than a facial peel. Even though my face is noticeably smoother right after using it, I haven’t seen any great difference in my skin over all. I don’t hate the product, but I will not be repurchasing anything from the brand again because of the price and if anything from a kiosk does happen to catch my eye again, Ill be sure to pull my phone out and Google search the product right in front of the seller, to ask questions about the price and value of the product.

The vivo per lei dead sea minerals facial peel gets a Big NO, from me.

~Melissa P.

  • Marlene Holmes Baber

    Melissa, I am so angry. The same thing under the same circumstances happened to me but you got off cheap. He was a very charismatic and persistent sales person who chose me as his latest victim. I was intrigued by his guerilla but gentle sales technique. He started out at $300 for the peel and another product. He kept adding on products for free until he had 7 free items to buy 2 items for $300. I kept refusing. I offered my bottom line. He was slick and kept going to his computer to”check something”. I knew it was all a bluff and con game, but I too liked the feel of a couple products. I ended up saying I could not go over $75. I ended up with 3 products and with intentions of looking the product up. I did not think to do it in front of his face tho. Looked for return info this morning after looking it up for $10 on Amazon. All 3 products could be purchased for under $40. Lesson learned AND my face is still burning this morning after using the peel last night. I will never fall victim again.

    • I’m sad to hear you got scammed too. At least you didn’t lose hundreds of dollars on a crap product. It sounds like you also had a reaction to the product as well which is even worse. Those kiosk have forever lost my trust. I hate to just ignore people while they’re reaching out to talk to me, but after that incident, I keep walking like everyone else and research EVERY product. SMH

  • Oh no! It’s so unfair that they are able to do this, but I guess thats the way business works. Those kiosk won’t ever see another penny from me. Nothing in those booths will be as cheap as Amazon or elsewhere online.