Week in Review #4

This week’s ‘week in review’ is a day early due to the holiday (and honestly Black Friday) mixing up my schedule. So tomorrow will be today’s normal post.

#1 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated this year. I made a small dinner for hubby and I and even took the initiative and made homemade cranberry sauce for the first time. Super easy and delicious!

#2 We went out to the mall on Black Friday and I purchased some awesome over the knee boots for $30! Regular price was $80. After that I had to get out of there, way to many people in one area and the lines were insane.

#3 I also purchased American Horror Story Coven because I couldn’t wait on Netflix anymore. I’m just on episode one and I’m already very impressed with the season!

#4 I also got some new glass. I’ve really gotten into taking photos for my blog and just in general really. So I’m hoping my new lens will help me to take even better photos.

  • Over the knee boots for $30? Holy crap, that’s awesome. The over the knee socks and boot look is probably my favorite trend this fall.

    • Yes! I didn’t want to wait in line, but for a sale like that I had to. I love the knee high sock and chelsea boot look too.