Week in Review #5

#1 Not sure why this week has been so unproductive and messy. Once the end of week rolled around, our apartment was more of a disaster than usual. My meals were sporadic and I don’t recall working out once. I bought a journal and daily calender to help me remember my thoughts and to help better plan my days/weeks, but unfortunately it doesn’t start until Janurary 2015. So I’m just going to start writing things down on a tablet until then, because this makes no sense.

#2 While the rest of my life was a little chaotic this week, my blog content has been great. Weve been attending events, getting out to explore the city and taking some great photos in the process. I’m especially excited to share tomorrow’s post.

#3 I got the opportunity to attend The Houston Fashion Bloggers Holiday party and meet and mingle with other local bloggers and supporters. It was super awkward at first because I can be shy and antisocial, but with my wing man (hubby) I was able to strike up some conversation with some really great ladies.

#4 I’ve really been loving a dark maroon/red lip this past week. Not only does the color last all day, but it’s perfect for the season.

#5 I recently decided to time myself doing my makeup and can you believe it takes me an hour to do a full face? I was so confused when I got a makeover at MAC as to why it would take them so long, but I guess this is normal. I’m definitely going to try to cut that time in half in the next couple of weeks, because that seems absurd.

Well, that’s all for this week. Make sure to check back in tomorrow morning for an exciting new life and style post!

~Melissa P.