Week in Review #6

#1 Another week has passed, just that quick. Fortunately this week was a lot better than the last. I feel great and I’m super excited and pumped for our holiday coming up in March. I’ve been planning activities, searching for hotels, flights, transportation and loads of other things. I’m the queen of planning when it comes to things I actually want to do. I should have the flights and hotels booked in the next two weeks. I’m not sure if I mentioned the country we decided on yet, but I’ll go into more detail as it gets closer. 

#2 I’m trying to think of a way to resuscitate my YouTube channel. I’ve been on there for about a year now, but only active for about half of that. The original topic was beauty videos but I grew bored. Especially since I’m still pretty much a novice when it comes to these things. That didn’t stop many of the girls on YouTube, but I don’t really think beauty videos are for me at the moment. I’m considering trying out vlogging since I’m currently obsessed with watching others vlog online. The number of black couple vloggers on YouTube is very small, so I think it would be fun to join in on that. I also think it would be great to have the whole new age “home-movies” of our travels for us to remember and share with family. If I do go this route, my first round of videos will be of our travels in March.

#3 I’m attending my first white elephant party this upcoming week. I’m pretty nervous because it’s going to be at my husbands bosses house. I feel really uncomfortable around corporate folks because I’m not apart of that crowd, but hopefully all goes well. Hubby gave me this whole speech about being confident in yourself and to not compare apples to oranges. Speaking of which, I need to figure out what to wear? I totally forgot about that part until just now.

#4 Do you remember me talking about my fitness journey on here? Yea me neither. It hasn’t been all bad I’ve actually have been losing weight, very slowly, but that was before one of my Facebook friends made a post about the pre cut christmas sugar cookies from the grocery store. I have a feeling things will get back on track once our flights are booked because then I’ll have a goal and a deadline. I’m trying to only pack bikinis and a couple maxi skirts #packinglight .

#5 Have you tried Starbucks Tevana Iced Passion tea -unsweetened-? This is my third time purchasing it and even though I ask for unsweetened it’s always sweet. I don’t know what kind of natural, herbal voodoo is in there but it’s my new favorite drink! We used to always buy the Tazo Passion Tea, and while it is slightly sweet aswell, it’s never just like the one you get from Starbucks.