What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Whats in my makeup bag, makeup bag

I’m not one to always carry around a bag of makeup. I firmly believe in putting on your makeup once a day and using products that won’t disappear as the day goes on. The one exception to this rule iscarrying what ever lip product I’m wearing because I’m always eating and have a bad habit of touching my mouth a lot throughout the day (this is probably why I never get sick, my immune system must be strong.) My makeup bag is more of a beauty/first aid kit as I’ll need some these things more than Ill need blush while out and about.

The makeup bag, incase you were wondering, is an old Estee Lauder makeup gift bag.

DSC03441Starting with the mirror and going clockwise.

I have to carry a small mirror. My husband will have me out here looking any ol’ way, I could have something on my face, broccoli in my teeth or my hair sticking out all crazy and he won’t tell me until we’ve been walking around in public for about 10 minutes. So to combat the internal embarrassment, I just keep this little mirror from Forever 21 in my bag to make sure everything is looking how it should.

Another necessity that I’ve recently added to my bag are nail clippers. I let my nails grow pretty long and sometimes, in the most inopportune times, Ill get a broken nail that needs to be trimmed asap. One time in New Orleans we had to overpay for a pair because I somehow broke a nail and didn’t have a pair on hand (tourism prices, sigh.) Next up is an eyebrow pencil incase I need to touch up. Mascara, just incase I forgot it before hand. A powder foundation and sponge set just for emergency touchups. A selection of lip products (all moisturizing). A pack of tissues for a runny nose, spills or wet hands. Vaseline, a miracle product really. Vaseline is good for dry spots, chapped lips, paper cuts, slicking down brows, and many other random beauty and health uses. Lastly a really good hand lotion, for dry hands, knees, feet, elbows etc.

Do you have a standard makeup bag? Whats something you can’t leave the house without?

DSC03443~Melissa P.

  • Mildred

    Nice selection of items.