Guide to Winter boots

winter bootsDo you have your winter foot wear in order? I’ve took the liberty in creating a go-to guide for all the possible autumn/winter boots you’ll need.

Depending on your geographical location you may not need certain pairs, but I wanted to make sure I included everyone. If you happen to live in a beautiful, tropical area that doesn’t see temps below 60 degrees F (15C)., then this doesn’t apply to you, go enjoy your constant summer. 

For those of us who do go through the seasons, this is a list of 6 boots you may need to get you through the cooler months, with out giving up on style.

1. Thigh High Boots

2.Riding Boots

3. Ankle/Chelsea Boots

4. Ankle boots with a heel

5. Cozy fur boots or Uggs

6. Snow/Water Proof boots

~Melissa P.